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Door Services

Door services from the professionals at MJH Construction LLC mean your entryways will be sturdily installed and fully functional for many years to come. Our doors have no creaks, don’t stick, and leave no huge gaps between the door and the floor as they swing back and forth on perfect hinges.

Get the best for your commercial or residential property’s interior and exterior doors with a call to (401) 378-7840 now.

Your Full-Service Door Company

MJH Construction LLC is an expert door service provider with a team trained and certified in skillfully installing doors in any building. Available for a multitude of services, we’re licensed and certified to provide long-lasting work that takes any uncertainty out of installing or maintaining perfect doorways. We’re insured for safety purposes and to ensure that our client is free of any liability or on the hook for any costs should an accident occur while we work on their property. Call us today to be treated to our friendly customer service and benefit from our amazing craftsmanship.

New Door Installation

Our expert technicians make the tricky task of hanging a new door look easy. Our door installation services result in a portal that swings freely or slides effortlessly. Our entryways open and close without effort and lock and unlock with ease. Property owners take these things for granted, but an improper installation will show how exceptional those results are. Don’t risk your new doorways being a constant headache—contact us today for the smoothest door you’ve ever walked through.

The Best Local Door Installation Company

No matter what kind of door a client hopes to have installed, we’ll make efficient work of the job. We don’t hurry through our work carelessly—we’ve simply mastered the techniques and precision required to hang every kind of door, including:

  • Front doors and double front doors
  • Pocket doors
  • Sliding doors
  • Barn doors
  • Fire doors
  • Screen doors
  • Dutch doors
  • Bifold doors
  • French doors
  • Pet doors
  • …and more!

Door Repair Specialists

The frequency of door use can cause wear and tear so gradually that property owners may not notice the damage until their door is far gone. When a door loses its smooth function, it can be disruptive and aggravating for anyone going in and out of the property. Our repair specialists are well equipped with the knowledge, tools, and parts to overturn all door damages and ailments, leaving doors as good as new.

Preventative Door Maintenance

MJH Construction LLC’s door maintenance packages mean scheduled visits for door check-ups and tune-ups. Regular maintenance helps doors remain fully functional and serve their purpose without annoying traits like creaks, loose hinges, stiff knobs, or difficult locks. Making sure certain rarely used doors are still easily opened is an important safety measure for your building. Our door maintenance packages are available at great prices to give you peace of mind without any big expenditures.

Practical Door Services

Beyond installation, repair, and maintenance, we like to offer door services that might be considered more specialized or occasional, such as:

  • Roller shutters for storefronts
  • Garage doors
  • Front privacy gates
  • Sauna doors
  • Custom pre-hanging doors
  • Shower doors
  • Door sanding, painting, or staining
  • Door retrofitting
  • Door resizing
  • Emergency door fitting 24/7
  • …and more!

Hire MJH Construction LLC for Excellent Door Installation

No job is too small or too large for our helpful, skilled door technicians. We’re so confident in the quality and value of our services that our work comes with a year-long and 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee! Reach us at (401) 378-7840 to inquire today.

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